Alignments                 Hydraulics                                Oil  Change                         Vibrations

Brakes                           Interstate Batteries               Power Steering                 Wipers

Clutches                        Jump Start                                Quiet Ride                            X-pert Service

Drive line                     Knocking Engines                 Restoration                         Your #1

Electronics                  Lights                                           Spark Plugs                         Zippy Service

Fuel System                Magnetos                                   Tires

Gears                              Name Brand Parts                  U-Joints                             And Much More

 Our Services cover A to Z

Vehicle Maintenance

Finding and fixing problems before they are major can help save time and money.
Routine maintenance will help keep your car or truck running smooth and locate potential problems early. 

There is no better peace of mind than knowing your car or truck has been properly maintained. Our certified mechanics will prepare your vehicle for its next 100,000 miles - and beyond.


Seasonal Maintenance tips

Every season, Check under the hood that is 4 times a year of quality care.

Spring  - Check all the fluid level, condition & concentration. A/C systems need checked as the weather warms up.

Summer - Hoses, belts & tires are the most vulnerable to summer heat.

Fall - When the leaves change so should your tires. Don't forget to check your spare tire and be sure the jack is in good condition.

Winter - Cold temperatures are harder on vehicles, making maintenance more important. Batteries and antifreeze concentration are most important.

Auto technicians say the key to keeping vehicles running well - today and down the road - is routine maintenance.